City events (closed)



During the conference week there are lots activities for the local residents to experience cycling, this in cooperation with local parties.


9th - 15th of June - Focus Arnhem – LUX Nijmegen
Velo-city Film Festival – Documentaries and (short) film about the bicycle

In honour of Velo-city 2017, film theatre Focus in Arnhem and Arthouse LUX in Nijmegen have complied a special film programme. A varied programme that should appeal to the bicycle - and film lover. The premiere of the documentary Why We Cycle will have a special open air screening in the beautiful Sonsbeek park in Arnhem the makers of the documentary will also be present. On Sunday the 11th of June theatre Focus shall premier the film Demarrage, a ‘coming of the last age’ film about a group of 8 men in the ages of 65 to 80 who are also cycle friends. There will also be screenings of the classics and the more recent films, before the screening there will be extraordinary animation films shown .

For the complete festival programme and titles check: and


9th - 25th of June - Mariënburgplein Nijmegen
Velo-city Junior – expo, pump track and workshop bike-art

‘Cycling is freedom ‘ and the youth agrees! From the 9th - 25th of June pupils from different schools will show why Nijmegen is a real cycle-city and the Netherlands a proper cycle-country. There will be an exhibition in het Huis van de Nijmeegse Geschiedenis (Mariënburgkapel) and on Wednesday there will be a real ‘pump track’ and a workshop bike-art on the Mariënburgplein.

Exhibition: Mariënburgkapel, Friday the 9th until Sunday the 25th of June, 11 am to 5 pm

Pump track: Mariënburgplein, Wednesday the 14th of June from 2 pm to 5 pm


9th - 25th of June – downtown Arnhem: Roggestraat 16

Exhibition Dutch Bike

The exhibition Dutch Bike shows you the best, the most extraordinary and state of the art in Dutch cycle design. With futuristic concept-bikes, top of the range models from famous brands, prototypes from designers and special designs made by smaller companies and manufacturers in niche markets. From a bike with a 3d printed steel frame to a complete bicycle made from recyclable plastic and from a ‘smart’ bike to a state of the art recumbent bicycle


12th of June, 20:30 - 22:00 - Fuzz Coffee, Van Broeckhuysenstraat 17 Nijmegen

Cyclo-geography: A new perspective on cycling.

"Cyclo-geography". Literally: describing the world from the bicycle or even understanding the world from the bicycle! Through my time as a cycling ambassador for Taiwan and my recent 'cyclo-geographical' research into the borderlands of Ireland, I will talk about a fresh perspective on cycling.
Cyclo-geography opens up a new debate in social sciences - especially within phenomenology and the mobilities paradigm -, it provides an unique perspective on the city and urban planning and above all is a long tradition of travel writing.
Expect the evening to be filled with stories of cycling in Taiwan and stories from the border of Ireland about the Troubles, Brexit, religious secterianism and how a bicycle has helped the border in history and my research! Afterwards you are all invited to join a conversation on cyclo-geography and its potential.
There will be Taiwanese inspired snacks served and the bar will be open.


Wednesday the 14 th of June from 1:30 pm to 6 pm - De Vereeniging Nijmegen

Conference - expo Velo-city 

Are you curious about Velo-city? On Wednesday afternoon Velo-city will open their doors to the public. Visitors can enter for free to visit the Velo-city expo and see the latest developments in the world of cycling.


Thursday the 15th of June 6:30 pm until midnight

The Mass Bike Parade

On Thursday evening the 15th of June there will be one big cycling celebration traveling through Nijmegen. The Mass Bike Parade: a huge, extravagant bicycle parade for everybody who loves cycling. The parade will start at the Wedren and travel past the Goffert to the Dutch Bicycle Centre where the Mass Bike Parade Party takes place with various events like a so-called ‘Goldsprint’ between two bikes on rollers. Or first take an extra tour through the North of Nijmegen, it is your own choice!


Friday the 16th of June from 4pm to 11 pm –Sonsbeek Park Arnhem

World cycling festival powered by: Velo-city 2017

The brand new VeloFest will take place in the Sonsbeek Park on the 16th of June. A festival about cycling, because that the Dutch cycle so much is pretty special.

At VeloFest, you will meet professionals, amateurs, the die-hards, fanatics, designers and storytellers. There will be over 40 food trucks to cater to your culinary needs, provided by ‘Eten op rolletjes’ (The Rolling Dinner..). You can listen to the bike adventures from well known Dutch cyclists at the bicycle café of ‘Bikewriters’. There are theatre acts, music from the city of Arnhem and…as a cherry on the cake: the première of the documentary ‘Why we Cycle’ at the Sonsbeek Outdoor Cinema. Together we will celebrate cycling at the closing party of Velo-city 2017!

Velo-city has arranged train tickets from Nijmegen to Arnhem for the Closing festival: VeloFest. There are trains every 10 minutes between the two cities. Make sure that you do not lose your train ticket, since this is also your transport ticket for the return trip from Arnhem back to Nijmegen. You can pick up your train ticket at the information desk in the main hall of Venue 1 (The Vereeniging).