First step of your Velo-city 2017 visit is to make your registration complete by visiting our registration desk. The main registration desk is situated at Venue 1, De Vereeniging (more info). There you will find several docks where check-in assistants will help you with your registration, hand out your conference lanyard, a badge holder, conference bag and wristband. Your badge will be connected to a wristband which will contain all the events and excursion you registered for.

IMPORTANT: Print your ticket!

You must print your PDF ticket/ badge before heading to the registration desk at the conference venue! You can easily download your ticket/ badge via My Velo-city where you can find the compete overview of your registered tickets and events.

Make sure to visit the registration desk and collect your wristband before Tuesday morning 9.00h.

Opening hours registration desk:

  • Sunday June 11th from 15.00h untill 19.00
  • Monday June 12th from 08.00 untill 20.00
  • Tuesday June 13th – Friday June 16th from 07.30 untill 18.00 (registration desk will be closed between 9.30 and 11.00)*
  • Wednesday June 14th from 08.00 untill 18.00
  • Thursday June 15th from 08.00 untill 18.00
  • Friday June 16th from 08.00 untill 12.30

*Please note: the options to register on Tuesday morning are severely limited due to expecting crowds and safety measures that have to be taken.

Throughout the conference there is a free bike available for you. With your own Velo-city Bike Passe-partout you can pick up a bike for the excursions, outdoor sessions and all your trips around the town. Your wristband holds your reservation and the number of days that you reserved the bike. It will also work during the excursion in Amsterdam. You can pick up the bike (that you reserved upon registration) at the Velo-city bike parking, located between the station and the venues. It will be open every day from 08.00 hrs.

View and add your bicycle rental dates via My Velo-city.

Your wristband holds a chip that gives access to the public bikes of nextbike. They are stationed at various locations throughout the city. At you will find instructions and information.

Opening hours bike pick-up (Monday June 12th - Friday June 16th): 8.00h - 19.00h

Please take notice of the following:
1. You are responsible for your own bike
2. You will receive an email after registration to activate your Velo-city Bike Passepartout online, accepting full responsibility in case of loss, theft or damage
3. Always put your bike in a bicycle rack. At both venues there are enough racks to hold all the free bikes.
4. Your bicycle has to be returned on your departure date, but ultimately on Saturday June 17th at 13:00 hrs.

On Thursday afternoon you can use your Velo-city Bike Passepartout to try different bike sharing systems (see page 107).

Dutch bikes vary in brake systems. Pick a bike with a brake system you are confident with!!

These companies have made it possible for you to enjoy your free bike: Batavus, Radboud University, Bikewerk/Swap, CROW (Living Lab), OV-fiets, nextbike.

In case of a flat tire or any other bike emergency, please call +31 (0)6 - 17 39 50 73. Our ‘emergency brigade’ will be at your service right away!


The conference takes place in two venue locations in the very centre of the city of Nijmegen: Concert- and Congress building ‘De Vereeniging’ and the municipal theatre ‘Stadsschouwburg’. The social events take place in the city of Arnhem. More information on the venue locations can be found here.

What are the distance between venues and between Arnhem and Nijmegen?

The distance between the two venues and the Nijmegen Central Station is only a few hundred meters, or a 3 minutes’ walk.

From the Central Station in Arnhem to Nijmegen Central Station there are eight trains each hour available, to commute only takes 13 to 18 minutes depending on the of train, there are set price for this train which is around €8,40. Furthermore there is a cycle highway (RijnWaalpad) that allows cyclists to cycle from one city centre to the other in just 40 minutes. For more directions you can check the program booklet that will be available to you during the conference.   

How can the conference be in two cities at once?

The Arnhem and Nijmegen region is one of the most progressive leading cycling regions in the Netherlands and has developed a cycling infrastructure in which cyclists and bicycles have come to receive top priority. For this reason we encourage attendees to explore the region and experience the cycling infrastructure themselves. This is why Velo-city program will be divided in the two cities, so attendees would be able to experience what the region has to offer.

The conference program will mainly take place in Nijmegen. Some of the social programs will take place in Arnhem. The excursions will take place in both Arnhem and Nijmegen and the surrounding region.

Are train tickets provided to delegates to travel from Arnhem to Nijmegen?

No, the only items provide are the following:

  • Transport to the Welcome reception
  • Transport for the Outdoor sessions
  • Transport for the Excursions
  • Train tickets to Closing festival. People can pick up their train tickets at the Velo-city help desk.


The Netherlands is within easy reach of dozens of European destinations by way of Airport Weeze, just across the German border near Nijmegen. Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport), Eindhoven Airport and Airport Düsseldorf are only a 60-minute drive away. By train Schiphol is around 90-minutes with one or no stops to change trains. From Eindhoven Airport to Nijmegen the train ride is around 80-minutes with one bus ride to the station and two stops to change trains. From Airport Düsseldorf to Arnhem, there is a direct train that will take around an hour and 44 minutes. If you wish to go directly to Nijmegen from Airport Düsseldorf, the train ride is around two hours with one stop in Arnhem. Furthermore, Arnhem is connected by a high-speed rail link and ferries sail to several cities in Europe.

Train connections

All regions and cities in the Netherlands are well connected by trains. When looking for a train connection to Arnhem, Nijmegen or any other place, just look at the schedules on the train monitors at train stations or on The employees of NS (the national train company) are also more than happy to help you if you have any questions – there are info desks in all train stations to assist you.

What are the visa requirements in the Netherlands?

Attendees from outside of the Netherlands may need to apply for a visa at a Dutch embassy, a consulate, or another visa-issuing office in their country or region of origin. Please make your visa requests early, as processing can take up to several weeks or months. More information on visa applications can be found here. If you need an official letter or invitation from the Velo-city 2017 organizers, please contact

Furthermore the Netherlands is part of the European Union and Schengen area, and if you hold an EU passport or visa for the EU it is enough

How to get to your destination from the airport?

There are various ways to travel in the Netherland. The fastest way is by train, which depending on your destination, either Arnhem or Nijmegen, can take up to an hours to reach.

Public transportation

To plan your travel with public transportation (train, bus, metro, tram) through the entire country please visit

Train system

To get information on selecting your train journey you can visit (the Dutch Railways website) or you can add the NS travel planner app on your phone. It will give you information about train departures and arrival times, as well as ticket price information. For more information regarding travel with NS you can check on


The OV-fiets is a fast and convenient rental bicycle to use when you’re in a city and you need a bike for the last part of your journey. There are 300 rental locations all around the Netherlands.

The cost for an OV-fiets is €3.85 per journey up to 24 hours. The maximum rental period is 72 hours. Payments are done afterwards via direct debit.

How to book a hotel?

For information on this topic click on book your hotel.

In which city should I stay? What if I can’t find an accommodation in any of the hotels in Arnhem and Nijmegen?

There are a variety of options to choose from in both cities, as well as other nearby locations. To look at some of the options click on book your hotel.

There is also the possibility to stay at one of the larger cities nearby such as Utrecht and Den Bosch, since there are easy train connection to the Nijmegen and Arnhem. For more information about accommodations you can check there various travel sites.

The Netherlands

For information about the host country click on the Netherlands.


The official Dutch currency is euro. The value of the euro fluctuates continuously, for the latest rates you can check on the European Central Bank website.

The most common ways of payments in the Netherlands is with cash and debit cards. Cash machines (ATMs) are widespread. Credit card however is not accepted everywhere.

Money exchange

The most common way to exchange money is in banks and exchange offices, which can be found in every part of the Netherlands. Another way is through cash withdrawal from ATMs.


The Netherlands is known for its cold and rainy weather. However at the time of the conference the weather should be good. Temperatures should be around 15 to 20°C (59 to 68°F). For the most part it is t-shirt weather, but it does tend to be on the cold side especially at night.


The official language of the Netherlands is Dutch. However the majority of people speak English quite fluently. The conference will be 100% in English.

You can expect to see lots of cyclists everywhere in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, bike theft is quite common, so we advise you to lock your bike securely when parking.

What side of the road do I cycle on?

Like all traffic, cyclists have to keep to the right side of the road.

Must I always cycle on the cycle path?

No, you don’t always have to cycle on the cycle path. There are cycle paths that are compulsory and then there are cycle paths that are optional. Cycle lanes however are always compulsory.

What is the difference between cycle paths and cycle lanes? How to recognize them?

A cycle path is usually a loose term for a multi-use pathway. Lots of rails to trails are called cycle paths. Bike lanes are marked lanes adjacent to roads and highways. They are marked as bicycle only. There are also bike routes, a bike route is usually a series of signs showing the safest way from point A to B for common commuting across a city.

Am I allowed to cycle on the pavement?

No, you are not allowed to cycle on the pavement or through pedestrian areas.

Do I have to stop for a red traffic light?

Yes, it is obliged to stop at red lights..

Do cyclists have priority in intersections?

It depends, in some streets it is indicated with signs who has priority.

Do I get a bicycle during my stay?

Yes, all attendees can get a free rental bike. You can select on which dates you want to make use of this bicycle during the on-line registration process for the conference. For the free bicycle rental we will ask you for a deposit (with credit card). You will also be asked to show your ID. If you don't have a credit card we ask for €150,- deposit in cash, which will be given back to you once the bicycle is returned.

What to expect regarding Wi-Fi/WLAN?

Wi-Fi/WLAN are available everywhere in the Netherlands. It is available on the trains, at venues, hotels, restaurants and some other places, such as cafes as well.

Tipping and taxes

By law, the service charge for dining at restaurants in the Netherlands is included in the price of the meal. If you feel the service was exceptional, you can leave a tip (10%) in addition to the price on the bill. Taxes are already included in the price of majority of products.  

Electrical outlets and supply

In the Netherlands there are two electrical outlet types C and F. The voltage is between 220-240 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. It is advised to buy travel adapter if needed.

How can I be more involved?

Attendees can be more involved by joining the Velo-city Facebook and Twitter accounts. This way you will be able to stay up-to-date with the latest news about Velo-city 2017. If you would like your friends to join the conference, tag them in our news feed or use #VC17.

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