Why our motto 'The Freedom of Cycling'?

This title for the theme of Velo-city 2017 encompasses everything that fits in with people’s home, work and leisure environments.

Freedom is the most important thing people want, and can and must achieve. Freedom is humanity’s most important possession.

The theme ‘The Freedom of Cycling’ can be integrated into the conference in many different ways.

  • The sensation of the wind in your hair is the ultimate feeling of freedom, even in the city. Of course all cyclists experience a sense of freedom when they feel the wind in their hair on the way to school, work or other destinations. Choosing your own speed. Choosing your own route. Choosing who you ride with. And first and foremost, deciding for yourself to be a cyclist and become part of an ever-growing community opting for sustainable living and social responsibility.
  • ‘The Freedom of Cycling’ sends out the message that the freedom of choice and expression and the freedom to not have to succumb to oppression, are the most important building blocks for being able to choose cycling at all. The freedom to be able to move forward from the violence of war or oppression, without fear of repression and without fear of injury.
  • ‘The Freedom of Cycling’ is directly related to human rights, equal treatment of people regardless of their nationality, race, colour, gender or sexual orientation and tolerance of others. In this respect a relationship with the World Cycling Alliance is of great importance to the 2017 conference. It is not only about promoting cycling as a means of transport, but also about the knowledge, experience and cooperation of cycling interest groups with international institutions such as the UN, OECD/ITF, World Bank, etc.
  • ‘The Freedom of Cycling’ indicates that (transport) safety – and with it the infrastructure to enjoy cycling in complete freedom – should have a high priority, all over the world.
  • ‘The Freedom of Cycling’ shows that cycling is for everyone and an important issue for mobility, health, prosperity and well-being for all layers of the population.
  • ‘The Freedom of Cycling’ is a message to the world. Communication between cyclists should be completely free, without impediment. Cycling promotes that communication and helps bring people together.
  • ‘The Freedom of Cycling’ enables us to opt, in all freedom, for a variety of interesting developments in many areas for the content of the conference programme.


Discover the freedom of cycling in the Netherlands