International Bike Group (IBG) the parent company of has become the biggest bicycle (r)etailer in Europe within 5 years, active in Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France and Germany . This growth was driven by a ruthless commitment to data driven innovation, quick adaptation to local circumstances and above all a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. quickly grew to become the leading omnichannel bike retailer in Europe, with more than 40 stores, over 200 service partners and mobile bike repair services.

In addition to a fully integrated service for individuals, the company is the perfect partner to deliver bicycles and e-bikes for municipalities, offices and companies. uniquely offers lease opportunities for all types of fully operational bicycles and e-bikes with a full service package included.

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Partnership with Velo-City 2017

As the biggest, youngest and fastest growing bicycle retailer is proud partner of Velo-City 2017. The company emphasizes the necessity of the overall theme of the conference: ‘The Freedom of Cycling’ and sees the encouragement of the recognition of cycling as an efficient, healthy, environmentally-friendly mode of transport as a responsibility and is dedicated to promote policies that reduce Co2 emissions. Velo-City 2017 brings together a unique variety of participants that in close cooperation are able to find new solutions. has extensive knowledge about the cycling industry, is driven by innovation and data and is able to measure and predict what is about to happen in the industry. As energetic partner of Velo-City 2017, is looking forward to share insights with the conference participants and to help to define future cycle solutions.