Arnhem Central Station

Clever and beautiful design

Wednesday June 14 2017

€ 5

10:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Visit Arnhem Central Station, a real eye catcher in Arnhem which gained several architectural prizes. This fine piece of architectural work is more than just a train station. It is a transport hub which incorporates office space, shops, hotels, leisure, housing units, a new station hall, a railway platform and underpass, bus station, a car tunnel, bicycle storage (4.200 places) and a parking garage (1.200 places). These urban functions are integrated in the central station by making use of the natural height differences on the spot. The station offers a direct connection to the big cities in the west of the Netherlands and by ICE to the major German cities in the east.

Highlights of the excursion:

  • Presentation by Ben van Berkel, designer of Arnhem Central Station;
  • Amazing view over Arnhem Central Station and Sonsbeek Park from the 13th floor of the Regardz WTC tower;
  • Guided tour of Arnhem Central Station by experts.