Train tickets Closing Festival VeloFest

We offer free train tickets from Nijmegen to Arnhem (return tickets) for the participants of closing festival VeloFest in Sonsbeekpark. You can pick up your train ticket (starting Thursday) at the information desk in the main entrance hall of venue De Vereeniging. 

The train will be your individual choice (2nd class tickets only) from the public train timetable, that is announced in the hall of the Central Station. Every 10 minutes, there are trains traveling between Arnhem and Nijmegen. Once in Arnhem please follow the footsteps indicated on the map to take you to the closing festival in Sonsbeekpark. Make sure that you do not lose your train ticket, since this is also your transport ticket for the return trip from Arnhem back to Nijmegen.

Please note: you have to register for this event at the registration desk.


Food & drinks at VeloFest

Report at the white Villa in the park. Inside the villa drinks and fingerfood is free. For food and drinks outside you get free coins when you enter the villa.

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