His Majesty Willem-Alexander the King of the Netherlands to open the world’s biggest cycling conference

Co – organised by the European Cyclists’ Federation and the Dutch cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen, Velo-city will bring together over 250 speakers from 40 countries.

The global cycling summit Velo-city will be opened with the highest honors by: His Majesty Willem-Alexander the King of the Netherlands. Mayor Bruls from the municipality of Nijmegen made this announcement during the Velo-city press conference today. Together with Mayor Staal from the municipality of Arnhem and ECF’s Secretary General, Bernhard Ensink, Mayor Bruls released the full programme of Velo-city 2017. 

“The Arnhem – Nijmegen region is more and more turning into one urban system. Cycling plays an important role in creating liveable and human sized cities. We work in close collaboration with the province of Gelderland to establish regional cycling facilities. During Velo-city we cannot only learn and get inspired by all the outstanding content of the program, but we can also show what our region and the Netherlands have to offer. Having the His Majesty King as our guest during the Velo-city opening ceremony makes it even more special”, said Mayor Staal and Mayor Bruls.

“At the global cycling summit Velo-city 2017 Arnhem-Nijmegen all participants can experience the results of the systematic development and investments in cycling infrastructure in the Netherlands and share their own experience and knowledge with experts from all over the world”, said ECF’ s Secretary General, Bernhard Ensink.

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The main theme of Velo-city 2017 is ‘The Freedom of Cycling’. Themes like Governance, Infrastructure, People, Bikenomics and Urban Planning are the main topics of the Velo-city 2017 conference. In addition, it will explore the Dutch story and the relation between health and sustainability. On the website www.velo-city2017.com/programme the full conference programme and all information on speakers can be found.

During the event over 1,500 delegates from over 80 countries from across the world are expected to be welcomed to the region to join the world’s largest cycling conference.

Velo-city 2017 could become a tipping point for cycling, as we see more and more attention for cycling worldwide. During the conference the European Cycling Strategy – will be handed over to the EU Commissioner for Transport: Ms. Violeta Bulc. The mayors session which will be attended by over 25 mayors and ministers (among others the mayors or deputy mayors of Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Amsterdam Dublin, Dusseldorf and Kampala and ministers of Brussels and Malta (EU presidency))

Velo-city 2017 will be a unique event, not only to broaden people’s knowledge and network within the world of cycling and sustainable transport, but also to experience the impact of cycling on society and to discuss challenges in the field of designing, financing and managing cycle projects. There are over 200 speakers from more than 40 countries like Thailand, China, Canada, Philippines, India, USA, Chile, Brazil, Canada, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Austria, Denmark, Mexico, Finland, Russia, Italy and Bhutan to name but a few.

Photo credits: RVD

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